1. Indian Country

2. Won't Let Loving

3. Mirrorman
4. Amsterdam
5. Rocket Ship

6. Voodoo

7. Show Goes On
8. Who's That Running?
9. Apple Tree

10. It Could Have Been Me

11. Your Love Is All Around Me
12. Amber

13. The Fair Moved On

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Amber (download)

£10 or £1 per track

Amber (CD - computer copy)

£7.49 inclusive

©2002 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

We've sold out of the manufactured album on CD, so we can only offer a hard copy of 'Amber' burned on a new CD-ROM from the original for the reduced price of £7.49 including p&p.

This album marks the development of our acoustic work through 2000-2001 and includes songs written on 5th tuned 12 string and banjo as well as guitar.
Unlike the previous one, this album has one or two touches of production creeping in!

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