1. Tell Me So

2. New Trick
3. Minefield

4. In the Morning
5. Song & Dance (inst)

6. Shadow

7. Maybe I Might Fall

8. Planning The Holiday (inst)
9. Never Said

10. It Just Rains

11. I Am Afraid

12. Jingle (inst)
13. Jitterbug (inst)

14. The Atheist's Hymn

15. Lightning Tree

16. Missing You

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Maybe I Might Fall (CD - computer copy)

£7.49 inclusive

©1999 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

We've sold out of the manufactured album on CD, so we can only offer a hard copy of 'Amber' burned on a new CD-ROM from the original for the reduced price of £7.49 including p&p.

Maybe I Might Fall (download)

£10 album £1 per track

This is our first acoustic album as a dynamic duo and is a no frills album with nothing hiding our basic performance. Three instrumentals from Dave’s old guitar repertoire are included amongst the sixteen original tracks.


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