D&B gradually coming back to full battle strength after bouts of flu etc over the holiday period and we have a deluge of songs to record (voices permitting). There are 3 new ones and 2 old ones, which one or two of our older friends might remember... 'Great Pleasure' and 'Fair Warning'. These are both about 35 years old and we used to do them in the Reactors. Both have a certain folky quality which we are hoping will translate into what we do now.
We already have 13 tracks recorded for a new album but we're going to work on these new songs and then we'll see what we're left with. It will be nice to pick and choose from a plethora of tracks for once!


It's been a trying year with health issues and not many gigs, but we're on the road to recovery in both areas now and we wish you all a much better year than we had this year... that's not saying much.. but it's just another way of saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Thanks to everyone who came to our three gigs this week. We've enjoyed all three of them more than you can imagine! We won't be gigging again until the end of Jan at the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden. If anyone can give us a December gig or three, we'd be there like a shot! In the meantime we'll be continuing the industrial work on our next album which is nearing completion.


Great to be gigging again last night in Croydon. Ace crowd. Tonight we're in St Neots near Cambridge and on Thursday we're in Orpington (see gig page for details). Hoping to repeat the experience... see you there!


Dave did a rare solo gig at Number 39 in Darwen, Lancs last Saturday. A very different kind of gig supporting a soul band called Butterfly Jam who were an inspiration... with a bunch of musicians who were as into what they were doing as we are into our own stuff. It was a pleasure to meet you guys if you read this!
It became as quiet as a folk club when Dave played, so thanks to you Darwenites for giving a wayward folkie a chance!
There are plans afoot for the entire duo to play there next time. We'll keep you posted.


For one reason or another we haven't done many gigs lately, but we'll be back in the saddle when the way-into-the-future folk club diaries let us! In the meantime we are heavily involved in recording tunes for a new album which we expect to have ready by Spring.
There are a few of these songs we haven't played live at all yet, and we are keeping them back to sprinkle in our set with the advent of the new CD.
The titles so far:

New Songs:

All That There Is
Don't Know Why
Fallen Angel
It's All In The Past
All The King's Men
In A Lover's Eyes
Never Say Goodbye
My Own Sweet Way
We Are All Here Together
Old Songs revisited:
Hole In The Dark
Walking Wounded

The plan is to keep writing and recording until we have a good balance of songs for an album. As ever, there is a wide range of material, but there are always too many miserable ones!


Here are the hard drinking duo just before their afternoon gig on the main stage at Broadstairs this week. We were on a double duo bill with Liz Simcock & Clive Gregson.
Everyone had a great time and there was a good turnout in the 600 seater marquee. It was really nice to see so many old friends again!
Have a look at our gallery for more pics.


Holidays are over for a while and we'll be playing at Broadstairs Folk Week next week. 2 concerts on Tues 15th Aug and 2 workshops on Wed 16th. Details on the gig page. Below is a pic from 4 years ago when we had an unexpectedly fab time. Hope we can repeat it this year. See you there if you're anywhere around Kent next week.


We were very pleased to be invited to Sheppey Folk & Blues Club last night with only a couple of months notice. Some folk clubs book as long as two years ahead, so it was great to get a 'last minute' gig in Sheppey. A good turnout on our favourite little island and we had a great time, so... thanks!!


A lovely gig last night in West Wycombe St Lawrence's. An atmospheric church with a fantastic turnout of appreciative audience in this beautiful setting. A big thank you to Clive Carey for organising the event.


We got back into the swing of gigging again at Deal FC last Friday where we played to an extremely receptive crowd. We haven't done a two setter since Dartford in January and it was great to play the full range of what we do, including some new songs and one or two of our favourites we picked out from way back.
Our next gig is this Friday (12th) at St Lawrence's Church in West Wycombe as part of the Wycombe Arts Festival. Details on our gig page.


We really enjoyed our night out at Hitchin Folk Club on Easter Sunday after a slightly longer gap than usual between gigs because of illness (don't ask... we'll be here all day!). We're now safely back in the saddle and our next gig is on 5th May in Deal, but one a bit nearer to home will be on 12th May in West Wycombe. See gig page for details.


We organanized our CDs to be downloadable from this website until someone informed us that you have to charge VAT regardless of income threshold and start doing VAT accounts for any digital downloadable material you might be trying to sell on the internet.
Oh well, it was a good idea until we found out this little hitch, so now we can only offer physical CDs for sale and if we have sold out of a CD, we can only offer a reduced price computer copied CD ROM. Not very hi tech we know but it does mean that you can still buy all our albums.


We're doing a lot of recording at the moment and we've got a good selection of tracks building up for our next album. They are in different stages of development depending on how much work we felt like doing on them at the time. Some we have done live and some we haven't. There are also one or two tunes of ours from way back. The list so far...

Some Are Living
In A Lover's eyes
Don't Know Why
All That There Is
Never Say Goodbye
Hole In The Dark
My Own Sweet Way
We Are All Here Together
Walking Wounded


We've had our fair share of illness over the last few weeks and it was so nice to be out playing again last night at Dartford Folk Club. It was strange without Pam being there (she passed away last year) but it was great to see all our old friends at Dartford struggling on and making the club work. Dartford is one of the biggest and best run clubs around the London perimeter and long may it continue.
We always enjoy playing there... see you again next time. xx

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