1. Open Car
2. Eye Of The Beholder
3. A Rock On The Beach
4. For All Time
5. Long Way Back
6. Sure Turn Blue
7. Could I Remain Downhearted
8. Lay Down Your Arms
9. Things Can Only Get Worse
10. Like Foreigners
11. Harbour Me
12. You Can’t Catch Me
13. The Fair Moved On

Late In The Day (CD)

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©2004 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Late In The Day (download) The Day (download)

£6 plus VAT or £1 per track

Our 2004 album makes extensive use of Dave’s innovative use of a 12 string guitar tuned to fifths. Some highly original tunes were discovered using this weird guitar set up and happily developed to produce a very individual album.

Cover artwork
The picture on the cover is D&B superimposed on Henri Rousseau's 'Carnival Evening', which was also the inspiration for the lyrics on 'The Fair Moved On'.


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