I like to find out most things for myself, so some of these tips might be original but will vary from the annoyingly pedantic to the incredibly useful... depending on your perspective and experience.

I hope you will find them interesting anyway!


12 string - guitar 5th tuning
Capos - staying in tune
Creative in standard tuning
Hammer off & get a plucked note
Lazy guitar playing
Staying in tune after tuning
Tuning by ear to standard


12 string - tuning confusion
Banjo mutes
Capos - banjo 5th string detachable
Changing strings and staying in tune
Endless Choice
Thumb picks or thumb nails?
Fretboards - dry
Frets - sharp ends
Guitar case accidents
Scratches - from belt buckles
Scratchplate removal
Scratches - on plastic
String pegs - keep 'em down
Strings - boiling
Strings - sticking in nut
Truss rod adjustment


Click breakthrough
Click can help rals
Eliminating string noise on recordings
Recording acoustic guitars
Recording effects on acoustic guitars with live vocal
Recording acoustic bass guitars
Sounding natural using a click

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