1. Home Again
2. Facebook Friend
3. God Save Olive Cooke
4. I Know, I Know
5. Back To Default
6. Nothing In Between
7. We Go Round
8. Two Left Feet
9. Who Will Tie
10. Reasons For The Rhymes
11. Shelter
12. Victor Coyle
13. The Last Refrain

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Facebook Friend (CD)

£10 (free postage)

©2015 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Facebook Friend (download)

£6 plus VAT or £1 per track

From a song about the dreaded social media site to a song about the original owner of an ancient mandolin... from a protest song that Jesus might have written to a song about a war widow... plus a song about always finding yourself ‘Back To Default’. Many stories, many tunes.

Here is a video of the title track...


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