1. Any Month of Any Year
2. Silly Me & Silly You
3. Me & Angie (for Bert Jansch)
4. The Skerryvore Light
5. Traffic Jam
6. Moonlight Optimist
7. Eye On The Sky
8. Fun Before We Die
9. Don’t
10. Come & Let Me Take Your Hand
11. On My Side

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Eye On The Sky (CD)

£10 (free postage)

©2013 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Eye On The Sky (download)

£6 plus VAT or £1 per track

We have played the title track for years but only just got round to recording it! The banjo makes a frantic appearance in ‘Traffic Jam’ and there are the soulful tunes ‘On My Side’ and ‘Don’t’. Another highlight is the pastiche ‘Silly Me and Silly You’ - a 30’s style ballad.

A short video of the tracks in sequence...


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