Cover of "Snaps"

1. Women in Love
2. Only Goodbye
3. Minefield

4. Protect Yourself
5. She Won't Love You Like I Do

6. Underground
7. Antidote

8. Breathe in Love

9. How Can I Forget You
10. I Do Believe

11. Doesn't Matter To You

12. Long Way From Home

Snaps (CD)

£10 (free postage)

©1996 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Snaps (download)

£6 plus VAT or £1 per track

This is a Dave & Boo album under our 90's band name 'Brave Lucy' previously known as 'The Reactors'. This is not a folk album, but the original tracks are something we're still very proud of today. It is the culmination of about 15 years working together in our various band formations which were essentially Dave & Boo plus one or two extra musicians. This CD, however, was put together when technology had moved on enough to enable us to do the job properly on our own!


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