1. Stuff

2. I'll Be With You

3. Some Day
4. Making It Work

5. London Town
6. I Do Not Believe
7. Serenades & Masquerades

8. Loneliest Man In The Western World
9. Prophet's Warning

10. The River Runs Deep
11. Don't Desert Me
12. Glass Half Empty

13. Making Those Eyes

14. There Are Days

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Stuff (CD)

£10 (free postage)

©2010 Dave Ellis & Boo Howard

Stuff (download)

£6 plus VAT or £1 per track

We play all the instruments on ‘Stuff’ as ever. A cajon (box drum) is used extensively and a tenor guitar makes its debut appearance. ‘Serenades & Masquerades’ is the stand out ballad and all the tunes are brand new except for ‘Making Those Eyes’ from our 80’s vintage.

Here is a video of the title track...


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